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In this section you can book mentoring sessions specifically for businesses within the fashion, luxury, sportswear, footwear, lifestyle and outdoor brands.

Our head of mentoring is Ben Muis. His extensive experience both in large international corporate environments and in guiding small new startups within the fashion, sports and luxury industries can provide you with renewed confidence in taking your next steps.

A mentor is essentially a trusted and experienced advisor. Ben is a certified Enterprise Mentor with the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs and is a fashion industry specialist mentor for the StartupLoans programme in the London area.

Ben and his team of mentors work locally as well as internationally. Mentoring sessions can be in person, via the telephone or for instance via Skype. For more information about Conceptable and our mentoring options browse this booking site or visit

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Introduction Session - Business Mentoring - up to 40 minutes
If you are considering mentoring an introduction session has number of great advantages in additi..
Business Plan Presentation and Feedback - Single Sessions - up to 90 minutes
Would it not be great if you could present your business plan or deck to an experienced mentor wh..
Loan, Investment or Crowd Funding? - Single Sessions of 2 hours
This session is a valuable one-to-one with one of our mentors to discuss anything related to fina..
Business Plan Review - Two Sessions of 2 hours each
This two session has the aim to sense-check and refine your business plan. We work together  ..
Finance for Fashion, Sportswear, Footwear and similar Startups - Two Sessions of 2 hours each
This is for starting entrepreneurs in creative lifestyle product areas. When you start the busine..
Preparing the start of your new business - Three Sessions of 2 hours each
Starting a new business can be scary, but our highly personalised mentoring can make it something..
Your business structure and staffing needs - Two Sessions of 2 hours each
A business can go in many directions. In todays flexible working world there are options to work ..
Your first sales and production - Three Sessions of 2 hours each
Selling your first products can be an amazingly exciting experience. Whether you are planning to ..
Innovation at the core of the business - Three Sessions of 2 hours each
These highly interactive sessions help you to create or re-ignite high levels of innovation and c..
Finance options for larger product businesses - Three Sessions of 2 hours each
These mentoring sessions are a convenient way for for small to medium sized businesses in fashion..
People and Team Management Challenges - Three Sessions of 2 hours each
Work with a mentor on the challenges that highly charged business environments such as the ones f..
Brand and Commercial Development - Three Sessions of 2 hours each
We dive deep into your brand positioning and your commercial positioning, profile, segmentation, ..
International Expansion and Export - Four Sessions of 2 hours each
If your brand is going into new markets, whether it is through own sales staff, agents, distribut..
Product Development and Sourcing  - Four Sessions of 2 hours each
How do you create and produce your products? Could this be done significantly better or more in l..
Technology Solution & Process Evaluation - Three Sessions of 2 hours each
When your business is ready to replace or bring in new technology guidance from a mentor who unde..
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