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More Profitable Licensing Through Sourcing - Private Workshop (REIGN Method)

More Profitable Licensing Through Sourcing - Private Workshop (REIGN Method)

More Profitable Licensing Through Sourcing - Private Workshop (REIGN Method)
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Many companies regularly ponder about how they can practically distribute their branded or patented products through more countries, distributors or licensees without creating massive upfront costs or overheads. They might alternatively be concerned about keeping control over their brand and identity in a licensing arrangement.

If you develop and source product (or are planning to do so) the REIGN Method direct from source strategy could be for you.

A direct from source strategy can be used to gain international expansion faster, to retain increased product control or to supplement or replace a licensing model for increased profitability.

This workshop outlines the basic principles behind this method of trading, along with positives and a few negatives.

The workshop is given by Ben Muis, a product, sourcing and commercial professional with many years of international experience.

He will mentor use the REIGN program principles as used by Conceptable for their clients to show how business models can be adapted to allow for greater speed of expansion and increased revenue from licensees whilst maintaining a sensible pricing policy within each market.

This is not licensing in its traditional form. It is also not wholesale. It mixes traditional forms of international trade to create a low capital rapid expansion process. There are several variations possible and the system can be adapted to the needs of any suitable business. If your business develops and sources its own branded or patented product through third party manufacturing facilities, there is a good chance this workshop will give you some food for thought.

Learn an alternative way to run the "product to market" process and give your new market development strategy an additional angle to profitable growth.

The half day on-site workshop is adapted to your business situation based on a half hour telephone interview, which is included in the package price.

The private workshop assumes a maximum of 7 attendees (all employees of your company). Please contact us for alternative arrangements.

Our key experience crosses the fields of clothing / apparel / fashion / footwear / sportswear / accessories, but we are happy to provide the same service for businesses with a similar development or production cycle. Please call if you wish to check if this is suitable for your industry.

Once we have processed your order you will be contacted via telephone to discuss pre-project details and to agree which week / days will be the best for our mentor(s) to give the workshop at your location.


This package price does not include travel expenses and subsistence outside of London.


We work internationally. Please note that some countries attract a surcharge due to the travel time or complexity of travel required. Please choose the appropriate option for the correct travel location.


We have listed how travel expenses and subsistence are billed on the following page: Overview or Standard Travel and Subsistence Charges.

** Please note that orders placed by companies based in certain countries / regions will be conditional. Please see the Conditional Regions page for more information.

Days Half Day (four hours including a 15 minute break for the attendees)
Client Site Yes
Client Team Attendees Only.
Meeting Room Yes. We will require a meeting or presentation room with screen or projector.
Travel Outside London Yes. Mileage at 50p / Mile outside of M25. Hotel, Train and Air travel at cost in line with our standard policy.
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