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People and Team Management Challenges - Three Sessions of 2 hours each

People and Team Management Challenges - Three Sessions of 2 hours each

People and Team Management Challenges - Three Sessions of 2 hours each
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Work with a mentor on the challenges that highly charged business environments such as the ones found in fashion, luxury, sportswear and fast moving lifestyle consumer products sometimes face.

Your business and your team will be influenced by the people you work with. Some of these people may not be on board with your working methods, changes or the direction of the business in general. Some may have personal experiences or prejudices that are not compatible with everything that happens around them.

Whatever the cause or the issue, you as a leader and the changes or direction that you are bringing need to be heard and accepted for the business to succeed.

This series of session is a great and personal way to meet with a mentor face to face or online, allowing you to go through the issues you face in stages to resolve them over a period of time.

Whether this mentoring is part of change management aimed to support someone who is new in a role, the outcome should be a much clearer view and decisions on how to resolve the issues.

In and around London we will agree a mutually convenient time and place. If you are elsewhere in the world we can do your mentoring online for you.

Each session can last up to 2 hours.

A great way for you to access affordable experienced help for specific topics that are playing in your business, either by using the sessions once a month or more often during high pressure periods where series of important decisions require regular reflection and guidance.


Once we have processed your order you will be contacted via email to confirm the call or meeting time and day. To ensure that we are aware of your needs, please mention any known topic(s) that you wish to discuss in the comment section of the ordering process. You may also already use that section to pre-inform us when you would be available for the call.

Even though the system will ask for your payment details, your account or card will not be charged until your order has been accepted and a time and day for the session has been agreed.

Conceptable Ltd reserves the right to refuse an order.

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Minutes 3 Sessions 2 Hours in a single session. Up to 2 sessions per week, subject to availability.
Telephone / Skype Yes
Conceptable Office Yes
Client Site Optional - Please enquire
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