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Your first sales and production - Three Sessions of 2 hours each

Your first sales and production - Three Sessions of 2 hours each

Your first sales and production - Three Sessions of 2 hours each
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Selling your first products can be an amazingly exciting experience. Whether you are planning to sell to retailers or distributors before you make your first production, or plan to make a small amount of production and then go to market online or offline: work with a mentor.

Simply doing something right the first time can make such a difference to how you experience this exciting journey.

  • Come across like a knowledgeable and trustworthy brand or supplier when you first meet buyers or distributors.
  • Create that first impression of your brand that makes the other party believe and take comfort in the thought that you will actually be able to deliver.
  • If you go direct online or into other retail channels make sure that you are in control of how, why and how many units you produce.
  • Understand your costing, margins, taxes, wholesale, distributor and retail prices.
  • Know what you need and should expect from your production. How to control, order and guide your production to a point where it actually delivers what you promised.

This in-depth and interactive introduction to how your particular product or brand can work in your specific case can give you the confidence to move forward to that stage after you decided you are ready to get out there and take orders.

If your situation is slightly different, don’t worry. We adapt this to you and there are only so many examples that go into a listing like this one. Feel free to ask questions or if you are ready to book, just click the button and progress to checkout now. 


Once we have processed your order you will be contacted via email to confirm the call or meeting time and day. To ensure that we are aware of your needs, please mention any known topic(s) that you wish to discuss in the comment section of the ordering process. You may also already use that section to pre-inform us when you would be available for the call.

Even though the system will ask for your payment details, your account or card will not be charged until your order has been accepted and a time and day for the session has been agreed.

Conceptable Ltd reserves the right to refuse an order.

photo credit: Adam Polselli via photopin cc

Minutes 3 Sessions 2 Hours in a single session. Up to 2 sessions per week, subject to availability.
Telephone / Skype Yes
Conceptable Office Yes
Client Site Optional - Please enquire
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